Dear friend,


In my “Secrets for Selling Homes Other Failed To Sell” book, you will find the reasons why some homes seem to never sell.

There are lots of reasons, but each one of them can be solved with the right tools and methods. Yes the price is the first thing to look at, but many times it’s the other variables that make the biggest difference.


In this book I’ll break down:

  • Reasons why homes don’t sell
  • Marketing techniques to improve it’s chances
  • What to do in a poor market
  • Signs of an agent hurting your chances


As a Broker Associate with Keller Williams serving South Florida, I’ve written this book to help home sellers get their homes sold for top dollar. Inside of this volume, you will find effective solutions to selling even when others have failed. If you don’t have time to implement them, then you can hire my team to implement them for you.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email or simply by texting or calling 305-978-7710 now!